Tre Burt first picked up a guitar when his older brother Jason, who was in music, would take him to work. Teaching himself to play along the way, Tre would initially “whisper-talk” his songs, and as he gained more self-confidence, it eventually turned into singing. He has now been performing for about seven years, busking all over the city and in the East Bay for the last two. The public, as many locals know, is a tough teacher when you are trying to command the attention of strangers to give you some money for enjoying your music.

Burt is from Sacramento and moved to San Francisco for school, but he wasn’t quite sure what he wanted out of college. He was much more interested in music, so he quit school for a job at the airport and has made music his career ever since. His band, Tre Burt and a Big Gust of Wind, has been practicing for the past few months, with Jordan Jo on guitar, Tim Aristil on drums, and Tim Viker on stand-up bass; their first show is coming up soon.

Carried by waves of dancing guitar strums, his slightly raspy voice speaks directly to the listener’s emotional core, narrating poetic stories about life and relationships. With a smile that invokes happiness, he is a San Francisco beacon shining bright when found humbly busking on BART.

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