Electro-pop partners John Waters (producer/songwriter) and Ann Yu (vocals/songwriter) form a harmonious union of rhythm and words. Together they create Silver Swans, a rising star in the indie electronic genre. Their smooth, dreamy compositions and hip, swaying beats often induce a serene hysteria, and listening to any track on their latest release would have you believing you’ve reached nirvana.

Yu and Waters started collaborating via email as a casual project, exchanging music and writing materials. She would have a melody or chord structure she wanted to try out, and John would send her a track to work with. Eventually, the two had enough material to compose their first album. With positive reactions from a few of their friends, they decided to give the music industry a try, and after a listen of their sound, you’ll be thankful they did.

Describing Silver Swans’ multifaceted sound would require a mystic to decode with its ever-changing style. However, one thing is for certain: it will make you move in ways you never thought you could. That is, if you’re not already an indie-electro junkie. Silver Swans makes magic by mixing the perfect blend of pop with repetitive patterns and mild exotic synths—nothing that would annoy your ears or damper your mood. Waters and Yu make their music even more immersive with creative videos they co-create with the help of talented friends, using both sampled video reels and original material.

With two albums released already, Silver Swans is on a roll. The band’s latest, Forever, was released early in 2012 and is a gem with songs like “Let It Happen,” reminiscent of a subdued La Roux, and “Meet Me Somewhere Nice” on the new EP Secrets is a pop-dream come true. Silver Swans’s lyrics are playful, with beats that are just the right kind of dance-friendly—it would be hard not to instantly fall in love. We spoke with Ann Yu a bit about the band’s work and influences.

Tell us about your sound. “Our sound is always changing. We’ve been inspired lately by geometry, Com Truise, and analog synths, so that’s seeped into our music quite a bit. Also, we are both private people, so we tend to write for those moments when you’re alone and your energy is more intimate. Cold nights, long summer Sundays, time spent in your head, laying in bed, city walks alone.”

Who are your musical idols? “My idols have always been strong female musicians like Siouxsie, Sade, Enya, and Gwen Stefani. I don’t care what genre of music you come from; there is something to be said for a woman who can be soft yet heard, captivating as an entity, and confident and striking in her ability to touch people. I’m inspired by raw emotion, human touch, hidden feelings, perfect words, friendships, a lover’s confusion, symbols and signs, a long day, city lights, engaging photos, daily hum drums…”

Tell us about your favorite live performance. “We played in New York outside near the river against city lights as the sun was setting; that was both surreal and beautiful. People were seated, and there were cars driving by. It felt like something out of my imagination.”

Whenever you’re in the search of a light mood-enhancer or the perfect album to play for a rainy-day indoor dance party, you can’t lose with Silver Swans.

Follow Silver Swans on Facebook at facebook.com/silverswans, and listen to more of the duo’s songs on Bandcamp: http://silverswans.bandcamp.com.








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