WOLF AND CROW: A Dedicated Union
By Jonathan Hirsch

When we sit down to absorb the words and instrumentation of a live performance, we are seeking a direct experience, something meaningful and honest that we can feel immediately. That is exactly what you can expect from one of the greatest folk projects to emerge out of San Francisco’s vibrant scene: the new duo Wolf & Crow.

Zachary Vieira (Crow) and Mathieu Stemmelen (Wolf) provide the full presence of an eight-piece band with their unique and minimal folk– and delta blues–inspired two-piece arrangements. Having played in a number of different projects, they finally settled on the current idiom.

Crow: “As a songwriter, I started back in my early teens writing songs of a more quiet, contemplative, personal, and almost spiritual nature, a style that was completely different from anything I’d done with any band. The main influences were songs from childhood I’d heard on the car radio while riding with my grandfather, such as Gordon Lightfoot. And stuff I


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