Playing with Food at Zynga
By Alexander Winter

When Matthew DuTrumble was teaching classes like butchery and contemporary cuisine at the California Culinary Academy, he connected with people from Zynga, which had popped up across the street in an old chocolate chip company building. When he first came to Zynga, it had just released the game Café World, so Matty created a dinner event themed around foods from the game.

Originally following a path to medical school, where he wanted to study to become a surgeon, Matty soon realized that he was slightly turned off by the fact that most of what he learned had to do with prescribing medicine and treating people after they got sick. “My focus in school was always nutrition and health, not only for the people, but for the earth, for the world, for the people, and for the environment around you.”

Matty’s food mantra is constantly evolving, and he uses every chance he gets to try new and extreme techniques. “But then it always comes back to comfort foods and being really, really honest about them,” he says. And by comfort foods, he is talking about not only the heavily stigmatized fried and fatty foods like fried chicken or mac ’n’ cheese, but also honestly made foods that use techniques often forgotten about in modern-day society. His effort is to rediscover some of those techniques, keeping processed foods out of the


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