Wholesome Startup Kitchen
By Alexander Winter

We have many different cultures and perspectives here in the Bay Area and everyone brings their own ideologies to the table. Combined with the fact that we are one of the world’s leading locations for tech industries, we have amazing crossovers emerging between the two. Airbnb and Zynga are two startup examples, where food ideas and practices are flourishing with contagious potential.

Fresh out of UC Santa Cruz with a degree in community studies, Sam Lippman was pretty overweight. It caused him a lot of health problems, one of which was back pain, something that sitting down to study so much had only exacerbated. Luckily, he was doing a lot of community work with kids at the time, which kept him moving. That summer, he decided to take some time off and travel, per a friend’s recommendation, to a permaculture community near Malaga in Southern Spain. One or two days after starting a raw-foods detox, his back started feeling better, he had more energy in the mornings, he felt lighter, and he immediately started losing weight.

“My food philosophy is this: Food should really be made out of food, and food that’s good for you and that’s functional. Food that your body can actually use for energy. Food that has nutrients. No fillers, no empty carbs. Not food that has been overly processed from the base ingredients. I don’t use a lot of flour and don’t cook with a lot of dairy.


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