Cham’s take on the Radius menu is comfort food, locally sourced and elevated to fine-dining perfection. Classic food-for-the-soul dishes like fried chicken, heirloom tomato salad, and braised lamb shoulder fly out of the kitchen, each one familiar but with a Radius twist.

For instance, take the ever-popular summer tomato salad. Radius starts off with sweet toy-box cherry tomatoes, purple Cherokees, and tart green zebras as the base. Sprinkled on top are dehydrated olives for salt and Thai basil for green. Amid the tomatoes are clouds of mozzarella mounds, which have been whipped with cream and olive oil and then aerated in a whipped-cream canister charger. Light and wet, they are as refreshing as a summer rainstorm.

Another American classic, pork and beans is reborn as a pork chop with paprika butter beans, pickled peaches, wilted dandelion greens, and white-chocolate gastrique, or what the kitchen terms as “a fancy barbecue sauce.” The white chocolate and vinegar come together in a tangy, sweet foil for the pork.

One of the most popular dishes, pork belly and farm egg, is a take on bacon and eggs and delivers a crisp-crusted slice of confit pork belly, a quivering over-easy “slow egg,” and sautéed savory mushrooms, all energized by a pile of spicy kimchi.


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