By Jeremy Joven

To get insight about the food scene in our city from a non-media/PR standpoint, we decided to have lunch with strangers. Friends are great to have lunch with, but they most likely share the same interests and views when it comes to food. In that way, we can’t imagine a butcher and a vegan becoming best friends. Lucky for us, there are a lot of eager, hungry strangers out there, just begging to give their two cents about the foodie world for a free meal—with two awesome guys, I might add.

Meet Schlomo Rabinowitz. He drives a meter-maid car that he used to sell bánh mì out of in 2009, way before food trucks happened in the city (aside from the taco trucks). This guy is a treat to have lunch with. He’s been around the block and knows a lot of people in the food industry. We took Schlomo to Nopalito, the original location in Divis. Surprisingly, he’d never been! Nopalito recently opened its second location in the Sunset, and ever since then, NoPa’s baby now has a little sister that is getting a lot of buzz with its fresh, organic...

approach to cantina food. Selfishly, I just wanted to go to Nopalito to have the amazing fried garbanzos you receive in lieu of chips and salsa. They’re worth going for on their own.

Our conversation started off talking about 24th Street; it so happens Schlomo also resides near our HQ. “I always wonder how some people pay their rent at these places. … Did you clean out your dad’s rumpus room and act like you curated a store? And how did you get to decide to be a curator? Oh, I guess it’s America and we can all decide to be curators.”

Let’s talk food trends. Schlomo is confounded by SF’s food obsessions. First it was bánh mì (which he is personally responsible for). It popped up in menus at many restaurants that are not Vietnamese, and now, as we took a bite of the Quesadilla Roja con Chicharrón I ordered, we all agreed that it’s the year of pork belly. This is true. Two of the top restaurants in this issue serve pork belly. It always goes in waves. Every restaurant tries to outdo another by


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