By Jonathan Hirsch

There is no question that San Francisco is currently enjoying a kind of literary renaissance. You need look no further than the flowering of nightly readings all over the Bay Area featuring every kind and quality of writing. At the epicenter of this remarkable literary resurgence is the one-of-a-kind Litquake festival. For eight sparkling days every October, the city is ignited by literary voices from the whole the Bay Area and all over the country. In its 11th year, Litquake 2012 boasts 840 authors and 77 official events during the festival. On Saturday, Oct. 13, the festival closes with an atomic force of literary power that is the infamous Lit Crawl. Over the course of eight days, the festival promises an awe-inspiring breadth of literary programming, the least of which is the three-hour-long literary pub crawl that dispels, once and for all, the myth that literary events need follow the garden-variety academic snoozefest of years past. Litquake emboldens and exposes to its local participants, and to the rest of the country, that the living, breathing epicenter of literary activity that is the San Francisco Bay Area is more than just a relic from previous eras. The festival also extends beyond just poets and fiction writers to include a wide range of literature. From science writing to memoirs to graphic novels, this year’s Litquake, more than ever, is overflowing with words that appeal to people of all bends and angles. It’s impossible to be everywhere at once, but here are some of the highlights of this year’s festival:

Oct. 6th- Kick off an incredible week of literature by seeing some of the best up and coming Bay Area authors at the Barely Published Authors showcase. Witness some of the most promising new faces of the literary community. Hosted by Ransom Stephens at the Make Out Room.

Oct. 7th- As part of Litquake in the Bookstore, comedian, actor, and director Michael Ian Black will be reading from his two recently published books: You’re Not Doing It Right: Tales of Marriage, Sex, Death, and Other Humiliations and America,You Sexy Bitch: A Love Letter to Freedom, co-written with Meghan McCain. The Booksmith.

Oct. 8th- Litquake will be hosting a very special evening with one of the most important literary and cultural experiments in the Bay Area. Quiet Lightning is a submission-based monthly reading series hosted at numerous venues in the city. Every year they host three successive events at the breathtaking Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park. This promises to be one of the most memorable events of the festival.


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