By Jeremy Joven

The Financial District of San Francisco isn’t much of a community in the normal sense, with babies in strollers and such… It is a haven of daytime residents, people from all over the Bay Area who work in FiDi. The 1.5 square miles it occupies west of Union Square to the south of Chinatown surprisingly houses about 10,000 residents. Where they live, exactly, is beyond our knowledge. At night, the district is a sleepy place with very few people, with the exception of some bars in the area. During the day, it’s a busy spot with a never-ending cluster of people speed-walking to somewhere or another. If you don’t work in the Financial District, then you almost never have any reason to go there unless you’re a tourist strolling to take photos of the cement jungle. What may surprise you is that in the heart of this busy business spectacle is a crowd of discerning foodies always on the lookout for the next best thing in the SF food scene.

With food trucks abounding California and Sansome streets, you’ll get your fill of trendy street food with offerings ranging from modern curry to artisan pizza. For those with large expense accounts, there are $20 burgers at Chef Tyler Florence’s Wayfare Tavern. Other restaurants in the area are also jumping on the food-truck wagon, with Wexler’s now offering smaller, more affordable fare at its food truck around the corner from the actual brick-and-mortar location. Whether you fancy soup for lunch or something odd like a sushi-ritto, you’ll always find a meal to enjoy and pull you away from the mundane tasks at your finance job.


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