Eating Fashionably
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Eating and fashion are two things that rarely go together as one usually seems to undermine the others goal- fit into the dress or devour the brownie with no regret? Decisions, decisions. However, when dining, grabbing a quick bite, or even shopping for said food stuffs, who says you can’t, and shouldn’t, look your best? For this special food issue fashion spread, fashion blogger, Adelle McElveen, creator of, modeled some of the city’s great fall fashions from Conifer, Seedstore, Fiat Lux, and Revolver.

styling by: Dawn Hunt photographer: William David Walsh lighting: Little Giant Lighting & Grip Co. model: Adelle McElveen - Special thanks to: SOMA StreatFood | Pot and Pantry | Miette @ Ferry Building


This article was published:
Food Issue - Released October 2012
Issue 6 / Version 2 | Buy print copy here
Issue 11
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