Can your Neighborhood Bar do this?
By Chelsea Larsson

Every neighborhood has its local watering hole. You know, the comfortable place to tip a few back with out having to leave the block. Small or medium, well lit or dim, neighborhood bars are as varied as the hoods they represent. What they usually have in common though is a regular group of clientele, thirsty citizens who probably live within a .5 mile walking radius. At my neighborhood bar for instance, there are a couple of intact barstools, a deal on PBR and Jameson, and a foosball table that almost always has a ball. Good for what ails you but not an experience to take a cross-city Muni trip for.

Club Deluxe, on the other hand, is an anomaly. The neighborhood sip stop of the Upper Haight is a local’s bar worth reconsidering one’s zip code for. In the cozy dimly lit two-room bar at Club Deluxe, lucky Upper Haighters are sipping freshly squeezed cucumber cocktails, listening to live jazz and eating Neapolitan pizza made by a man who has a magic oven and a background in pizza science. Yes, pizza science.

Giovanni, a gentle, soft-spoken chef in a colorful apron comes out and checks on each table – ‘ I want to make sure everyone is happy,’ he explains. From the plates of quickly disappearing pies and the oohs of the diners, it is plain to see that they are indeed happy. With good reason too, Giovanni has been making pizzas for over 20 years. His dad is from Naples, the birthplace of the Neapolitan Pie. His mother is from Calabria, known for its other-worldly tomato sauces. Lastly, the man was


    Drink & Eat at
    1509-1511 Haight Street
    San Francisco
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