The Right "Stuff"
By Chase Chambers

For the past year-and-a-half, Stuff has been rolling out the red carpet for city dwellers and Valencia Street shoppers looking for a uniquely curated selection of retro, mid century and antique artworks and furniture. The vision for this expansive, 17,000-square-foot assembly of dealers and collectors comes from seasoned owners and operators James Spinello and Will Lenker, former owners of Aunt Bill’s in Rockridge.

From the beginning, the intent for Stuff was to incorporate the fun atmosphere of the Valencia Street neighborhood and create a friendly environment that was low-key and simple. Spinello and Lenker encourage the community to come and spend time, be who they are, and enjoy themselves. On the weekends, coffee and cake usher people into the doors, where they are greeted by friendly staffers who are as individual and precious as the many small sections surrounding the ambulatory pathways in the showroom.

Spinello emphasizes that the people in San Francisco really know what they want and who they are, and Stuff is a place where they can really express that. There is such a wide variety available that it’s an opportunity for San Franciscans to fill their world with furniture, artwork, collectables and distinctive items to fit their distinctive tastes. That ability to exemplify who you are through what’s available in Stuff’s sprawling layout is


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This article was published:
Art & Design Issue - Released July 2012
Issue 11 / Version 2 | Buy print copy here
Issue 11
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