Where do you park(let)? We scoped out some well-known parklets and broke them down for your perusal:

Powell Street Promenade Parklet Union Square @ Powell Collaborators: Walter Hood, Landscape Architect; Audi of America, Sponsor Scene: Tourists + Shopping Gurus + Super-Sonic metal benches for people watching in style

Four Barrel Parklet Mission @ 375 Valencia St. Collaborators: Boor Bridges Architecture; Dave McMorran, General Contractor; Alex Palecko, Wood Work; Dave H, Metal Fabrication Scene: Creatives + Bikes + Coffee Addicts

Trouble Coffee Parklet Outer Sunset @ 4033 Judah St. Collaborators: Giulieta Maria Carrelli, Designer/Owner; Ajaz Oakford, Designer/Builder Scene: Eucalyptus tree bench + Cinnamon toast with neighbors + Folk art in the city

Deepistan National Parklet Mission @ 937 Valencia St. Collaborators: Jane Martin, Designer/Architect; Amandeep Jawa + Kimberly Conley, Owner/Ideator Scene: Chia-pet Triceratops + Valencia Photo Op + Coolest front stoop in San Francisco

Fabric8 Parklet Mission @ 2218 22nd St. Collaborators: Erik Otto, Artist/Designer; Olivia Ongpin, Owner/Ideator Scene: Bean bag chairs + Fabric mountain + Public art you can sit in. PS. This parklet is for sale!

Devil’s Teeth Baking Company Parklet Outer Sunset @ 3876 Noriega St. Collaborators: Shane Curnyn, Project Architect; Devil’s Teeth Baking Company, Owner/Ideator Scene: Ocean Beach boardwalk + Baked Goods + Neighborhood chill pad

CHALLENGES/FUTURE: If you don’t have a parklet in your hood, don’t worry, the program is growing. Currently there are 30 parklets in the lineup. The challenge now, says Alexis Smith of the San Francisco Planning Department, is institutionalizing the program while maintaining the ‘individualistic, edgy feel that we love about the first parklets.’ Good news because the more parklets there are, the more streets to play in.


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