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Unless you live in Pac Heights, we’ll wager that you have one or two items (or, in some cases, all of them) in your living room that you found on the street or at a thrift store. You’re either a crafty person with a flair for recycling or just a pack rat in need of an intervention by A&E’s Hoarders. Have a look at our list of home décor items to see whether your living room is full of vintage gold, smart finds, hippie hoopla or just straight-up garbage.
Oh, you’re a writer, huh? So it’s safe to assume you have a typewriter in your house to show your friends how classical your creative process is? Sure, let’s pretend that’s true. Your BS aside, typewriters actually make great décor. It might have something to do with their metallic casing and the individual keys that brings all sorts of fun nostalgia to anyone who sees one. At least when you’re tired of it, you can sell it to a vintage shop for PBR money.

You can’t just screw an Edison-style light bulb into any old, ugly lamp and think it’s awesome. That’s not how it works. Be creative and find a nice lamp with organic appeal to complement Edison’s first light bulb design. Don’t use some stucco base and insult the electric gods.
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Nesting tables rule. We’re not exactly sure why they went out of style; with their versatility and splendid form, it’s always fashionable to own nesting tables. Real wood ones are worth the money, and you’ll be surprised at just how useful they are.

Once in a while on the street, you might find a beautiful couch with great contours and salvageable cushions that is worth reupholstering. Sure, this project could set you back a daunting $200 to $300 bucks, but if you shop around for vintage couches, then you’ll realize you just saved yourself a couple grand. Do it.

Every other Sunday, I visit the Alemany Flea Market to hunt for some working clock radios from the ’50s to ’70s. These colorful boxes make the perfect accessory for a midcentury-themed home. If you know how to fix radio wiring, then hit me up; I’ve got a few for you to tinker with. You can also find replicas of these fashionable clock radios being produced as iPod docks. Good design wins!

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