bought what we liked and thought would sell. We weren’t really concerned with what was ‘in’ or ‘trendy.’”

Complete with their two children—son Nick, 16, and daughter Eva, 14—they discovered how to reorganize and simplify so that everything would still feel open and uncluttered. “When we moved into the space 16 years ago, the rooms were small and separated by walls; there was no open concept or flow from one end to another. We took the walls down that separated the kitchen from the dining and living room to create one long, see-through space that allows the air to literally blow through.”

Once the walls were taken down and the kitchen gutted and completely updated, the Kiniris’ decided that some of the charm from the original home should stay, like the crown moldings and picture rail that line the upper portion of the living room walls. The original fireplace and mantel stand as a focal point to display their growing collection of 1960s Japanese lacquered teardrop vessels, Scandinavian pottery, and a gorgeous tulip vase created by Wendy.

“We use our home as our laboratory to test things out before we bring them to the store. We like seeing how things fit and feel in a home. Owning Zinc Details has allowed us to be able to test certain things and supply pieces that we think will stand the test of time and remain true foundation pieces to any room. We instill the same design tips within our home as those we tell our customers.

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