Jiun Ho
Profile by Jeremy Joven

Jiun Ho is no ordinary designer. His works are rooted deeply with the influence of his cultural background and blended with the perfect balance of old and new.

Ho moved to the U.S. from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, at age 18 in pursuit of a degree in design. After his education at Chicago’s International Academy of Design, Ho began working with a firm that, ironically, led him back to Malaysia. He soon realized that sitting in a cubicle designing cubicles was not his calling, so he ventured on to new opportunities, working on hotel projects all over the world. This gave him the chance to immerse himself in countless cultures, perfect five languages, and create his own signature style of fusing the old with the new.

Ho’s love for travel, food and fine wine inspired him to create Jiun Ho de Jia, his showroom gallery that seamlessly blends art, cuisine, design and “the experience of living” from around the world. On a visit to his new showroom in SoMa, the expansive showcase of personally curated and designed furnishings by Jiun Ho floored us. From the floating garden at the entry to the rounded, hand-carved wooden sculptures at the back, each design exhibits the perfect mix of masculine and feminine accents, different cultures and varying origins depending on the craftsman he chooses from his travels.



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Issue 11
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