All that Glitters and Shines
By Dawn Hunt

Sheila B.

As a former makeup artist and clothing stylist, Sheila B. is inspired by all things bold and beautiful, but perhaps more so by nature and the mystical forms created therein. Her pieces are, as a result, decidedly raw and bold, distinctly posh and polished. By using crystals, stones, fossils, bones, wood, feathers, and precious metals, she is able to manipulate these materials that represent and are influenced by the past, present and future into striking pieces of wearable art filled with her positive energy. This passionate crafting captures her positive energy, which is then passed to the person wearing a piece of her collection.


Needing a creative outlet, Beth Naumann began working with steel and brass to make mobiles, but as she continued, her gradually smaller sculptures ultimately turned into her jewelry line, Hellbent. Made by hand and formed into seemingly complicated geometric shapes reminiscent of those found in art deco designs, Naumann’s creations are both edgy and contemporary while remaining simple and delicate, given their free-moving joints and connections. She strives to make beautiful forms free from embellishments, using lines alone to showcase their unassuming beauty.

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This article was published:
Art & Design Issue - Released July 2012
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Issue 11
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