All that Glitters and Shines
By Dawn Hunt

“These gems have life in them: their colors speak, say what words fail of.” —George Eliot

Whether it’s plain and simple or bold and eccentric, is indeed an accessory that speaks in assorted languages and at various volumes. Loud and vibrant, soft and delicate, or dense and intricate, jewelry is used to not only adorn the body, but to also send messages and meaning to curious onlookers.

No matter what your personal taste and style may be, there’s some form of jewelry to match. San Francisco is certainly home to an exceptional variety of tastes and styles, so it’s expected that there be a plethora of talented designers to choose from. From the masses, however, these five local designers, each with a different aesthetic, are taking our Bay city by storm with their beautiful bling and baubles.

Meagan Reelitz Designs

Custom-made, eco-friendly jewelry? Yes, it can be found, and Meagan Reelitz does it best. Based in Oakland, Reelitz began creating gorgeous geometric pieces from recycled sterling silver, gold and conflict-free gems in 2011. Her bold and bright collections focus around key geometric shapes and are divided into categories: spikes, circles, triangles, spirals and angles. Adding another dimension, her materials come from entirely green sources, so the pieces are truly free from any negative feelings or evils of mining. Perhaps the best aspect of Meagan Reelitz Designs is her love for doing custom pieces. Simply come in and either work with her to create something new or redesign your own pieces by upcycling the old metals and stones.


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Art & Design Issue - Released July 2012
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