Jeremiah Neilson
Profile by Jeremy Joven

Behind a grungy garage door under an overpass in SoMa, reclaimed materials and grainy walnut pieces are being turned into new furnishings, reminiscent of midcentury-modern classics and sought after by countless decorators and collectors alike. This is great news for the budget-conscious, because nirvana has been found. This modernist paradise is the workshop of local designer, woodworker, Etsy star and budding entrepreneur Jeremiah Nielson.

Early in Nielson’s career, he worked as a furniture builder in the polar opposite of San Francisco: St. George, Utah. Building southwestern furniture out of pine at age 17, he’s been working with wood ever since. This skill set allowed him to hone his craft and gave him the know-how to create stable, beautiful and artful pieces custom-tailored for San Francisco living.

You don’t have to graduate with a degree from a top design school to create inspiring designs; Nielson is proof of that. His cheerful disposition and love of the craft shine with every piece he puts together. But how exactly does a young Americana fabricator come out building mid century modern–inspired furniture? “I actually saw a coffee table that was like the box coffee table with rounded edges and angled legs and thought, Wow that’s really useful!” he says. “After seeing that, I just really wanted to make that table. So I made it, and it turned into a side table, a



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