By Laura Zimmerman & Jeremy Joven

You know that stretch of Folsom Street in SoMa? We’ll just call it FolMa, since SoMa holds arguably too many gems to really wrap your head around in this community feature. That’s where FolMa sprouts up to help. The area south of Market from about 13th to 6th and just a beer can’s kick away from the Mission—is a condensed version of what’s great about SoMa. When most people think of the Folsom Street area, they think of bearded men in chaps, S&M and bondage—and they wouldn’t be wrong. (In fact, even Google would agree; when you search “Folsom Street SF,” the Sextival is the first result.) Although the area might be famous for a fetish, Folsom Street Fair is only once a year, while FolMa is banging year-round.

Let’s start with Una Pizza Napoletana. One dude makes every single pizza every night, and pardon my Italian, but it’s f*cking amazing. He’s a New Yorker with a chip on his shoulder, trying to prove that SF pizza can be just as delicious as NYC’s pies. If you’ve ever walked by 210 11th St., then you might’ve thought it was the soft opening of a restaurant—with its white-washed empty walls, bare Edison bulbs, and limited seating—but the minimalist design is purposeful, as 100 percent of the focus is on the pizza. Anthony Mangieri is his own living pizza art installation: His beehive-shaped oven is in the center of the restaurant, partitioned off with iron bars like he’s set up camp in the MoMA, except his art is meant to be a feast for the mouth.


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