Dining on Art in San Francisco
By Chelsea Larsson. Photos J. Joven

Upon closing the frosted glass door of Atelier Crenn, be prepared to leave San Francisco behind. You are stepping into the artist studio and epicurean wonderland of Chef Dominique Crenn, where art and food collide in plates of lime-scented clouds, comestible tide pools, painted cakes made of forest moss, and dessert trays piled high with edible gold. Sound like a dream? At Atelier Crenn, it would seem the genius kitchen staff could make anything possible, as each night they turn Crenn’s wildest food dreams into edible realities.

The aesthetic at work in the kitchen resonates through every aspect of the restaurant, from organically shaped glassware to landscape paintings on the wall by Crenn’s late artist father, for whom the restaurant is named. Even the menu, written as a free-verse poem, is a celebration of nature.

On the menu are two prix-fixe options available in six courses or 11. If you can only visit once, then opt for the Chef’s Grand menu, an 11- to 12-course dinner complete with wine pairings. As the menu changes based on season and Chef Crenn’s current muses, each showing will be different. We opted for the five-hour dining experience of 12 courses. There were too many to list, so here are a few of the delightful courses.


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