A Photographic Renaissance

By Alexander Winter

What started as an idea on a cocktail napkin about a year ago at a bar around Mission and Geneva has manifested into a creative lab that celebrates a renaissance of tintype photography. Co-owners Michael Shindler and Vince Donovan met at Rayko Photo Center on 3rd Street, where Michael, who has been doing photography for 20 years, used to work.

Tintype photography is an old technique from the mid-1800s that captures a photograph through a chemical process on a metal plate. Since there is no negative of the image like in film photography, every tintype is a unique piece. Portrait studio Photobooth invites you to enter and have them create a precious tintype portrait of you or with a special someone. The space, located on Valencia Street in a building from the 1890s, has multiple uses, and aside from the tintype photography studio component, it is used as a gallery, as an event space, and for photography-related retail of products from Holga and Polaroid cameras to film stock, books and more.

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