In their store, you will find what one can only call treasures from the past, spanning probably 100 years of history. “Manufactured goods from earlier times were made so well. We live in such a homogenized era now, with little boxes doing a million miracles a minute, so it’s amazing to be able to be around the evolution of things and honor it.”

Looking for old apothecary bottles and drawers? Perhaps you fancy a nice old chair or the ever-popular typewriters everyone seems to have as a décor these days. Whatever it is you seek, you just might find it at The Perish Trust.

Aside from old objects that were once useful to an unknown number of generations, you will also find new creations inspired by the past from a group of local artisans like Jessica Niello, Neil Van Vorst, Kevin Randolph and Mariele Williams, who sell their wares in the shop. The store itself is beautifully designed, and inspired vignettes abound like in an artful crafts fair or an indoor antique market, where you can immerse yourself in the curiosity of how objects from many decades ago were used and made. To those of us easily inspired by the typography and labeling design of old packaging, The Perish Trust is a paradise of goods. From textiles, lamps and knickknacks to army bags from different eras, pretty much anyone can walk in the store and find something to connect with.

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