Design: The Perish Trust
by Jeremy Joven

Character is lacking in a lot of home accessories and décor produced today. Craftsmanship has become a rarity, and “crapsmanship” has taken over. Many of the things we purchase may not last a lifetime; our phones and computers become obsolete before they’re even released in the market. Do not worry. The Perish Trust, the most adorable store on Divisadero, will fill that void. If it’s a trip back to the past you seek, then you may just fall in love with The Perish.

Stylist and art director Rod Hipskind founded The Perish Trust with photographer Kelly Ishikawa, both collectors of old treasures and tchotchkes for many years. “At the time we opened in October of 2008, I had been spending quite a bit of time in the New Orleans area and was fascinated with the ideas of parishes and was equally entranced by the city itself,” shared Hipskund. “Kelly and I also loved the play on words. The economy was crashing that autumn, and it seemed interesting to create this sort of fictional institution that you might ‘trust’ with the dead and dying industries. There are these interesting Depression-era studies that show when folks were on the down and out financially, that they tended to keep things. We are like that: collectors of everything.”

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Throwback Issue - Released May 2012
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