SF MUNI Celebrates 100 Years

By Jeremy Joven

In the early 1900s San Francisco was serviced by a number of commercial horse car, cable car and electric street car operators. There were many ways of travel, serving every class of citizen. Cars were still largely unaffordable to the general public, keeping public transit a necessity for the booming metropolis of the west.

With 5 cents you can go anywhere you please in 1912 the year MUNI was established. To put that in perspective one would make less than 3 dollars a day if you were lucky. Still, the MUNI and its predecessors have been an integral part of San Francisco development even long before its establishment 100 years ago. During its early establishment, Muni competed for fares with the Market Street Railway (United Railroads of San Francisco) with a history traceable way back to 1860s with Steam Trains that spear headed the development of the outer parts of the city. After four decades of competing for market dominance, the Municipal Railway of San Francisco purchased the ailing MSR combining the routes in to the transit agency we know today. In 1976, the name

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