DESIGN: A Modernized Classic
by Jeremy Joven

It is hard to imagine that San Franciscans after the great quake of 1906 didn’t have much appreciation for Victorian-style houses, which many of the affluent residents rebuilt with Deco styles. Luckily, many of the 48,000 Victorians and Edwardians built between 1850 and 1915 still stand today, charming locals and tourists alike. Preserving 100-year-old homes is an unimaginable task. Restoring one to its original form is even more difficult with the loss of architectural archives after the fires. Still, it is not impossible to honor the beauty of these celebrated homes with a touch of modernization to help them last at least another century.

Interior designer Lucy Junus and her husband, an engineer, own a beautiful Victorian house in the historic row of houses on Shotwell Street built by the owner of Northstar Brewery.

Though she never imagined living in an old house before their purchase, she instantly fell in love with all the details and craftsmanship that a Victorian has to offer. In our tour of the house, we were dazzled by the simplest Victorian accents, from the ornate brass window handles to the antique door hinges and, of course, the mint-condition accented ceilings.

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