The first time I witnessed the new Bay Area super-band DRMS (then known as Dreams), it was a near-religious experience. The members were all crowded onto the tiny back room stage of El Rio, only heightening the sense that an orchestra of sound was being transmitted from the musicians onstage. During that show, I had the distinct feeling that this was the smallest venue I’d be fortunate enough to witness this vibrant and courageous musical experiment in. As this publication goes to print, that sentiment still holds true.

Producer, arranger and keyboardist Rob Shelton (formerly of The Moanin Dove) is the musical anchor of these bold compositions, which blend psychedelic pop, folk, funk, bop and rhythm and blues with an eye for eerie harmonies and grooves so entrancing that you could set sail on them and never return. The current DRMS repertoire comprises several years of work. “I actually forced myself to stop writing songs until I completed these recordings,” Shelton says.

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