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Looking at old clippings from 1912 newspapers is a pastime everyone should have. Here are some treasures from that era. This collection is often offensive to a reader today. Thank your lucky stars we’ve progressed since then! Clippings are from San Francisco Call (a paper that served the community 100 years ago with its heritage, passed down to today’s San Francisco Examiner).

NEWS CLIPPING - September 1912
WARM WEATHER AROUSES WANDERLUST IN BOYS Oakland Police Asked to Search for Two Runaways
The police were asked today to find two boys lured by the warm weather. Mrs. R. Goodwin, 1308 Campbell Street, reported her 13 year old son, Bruce, has been missing since monday. He is believed to be on his way to Forth Worth, Tex., where the family formerly lived. He had no money. Dana Cronia, 14 years old, left his home, 958 Seventy-sixth avenue, yesterday and has not been seen since.

AD FOR PABST EXTRACT - September 1912
Mr. Husband: Do you realize your wife needs a good tonic? House work is tiresome and sooner or later your wife’s health will be ruined by the incessant toil which is her daily work. You can help her more by getting her a case of Pabst Extract (“The Best Tonic”) than by actually doing the work yourself. Pabst Extract, on account of its great strenth-building and tonic properties, stimulates renewed vigor and gives her endurance to attend to her many household cares - at the same time retaining all the beauty and superb womanhood of her youth.





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