STYLE: Benny Gold
Profile by Dawn Hunt

It’s funny and truly inspiring to think that an entire brand’s empire began with a sticker and a skateboard. However, that’s exactly how Benny Gold started his kingdom of skater-influenced fashions.

Benny Gold is a busy guy: husband, owner and head designer of an ever-growing clothing brand, boss to a talented staff, guardian to a kick-ass French bulldog named Levi, and most recently, proud father to a beautiful baby girl. So before I met Benny, I was expecting a possibly overcaffeinated skateboarder with severe sleep deprivation. However, I was pleasantly surprised to meet a calm and rather laidback individual. He greeted me with a warm smile and a handshake, and then introduced me to his awesome and equally chill staff as we passed through his retail space and storeroom to his office, “where all the magic happens.”

Gold then told me his story as Levi snored quietly on his pillow beneath a rolling rack. “I grew up in South Florida and had dreams of moving to SF to be an EMB skater, but my mother killed that idea when she found out and forced me to go to college. So thanks to her, I went to SCAD [Savannah College of Art and Design] and studied graphic design,

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    Benny Gold
    in the Mission
    3169 16th Street
    San Francisco, CA 94103
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