The Fate of "Mission's Living Room"
By Jeremy Joven

These are interesting times we live in. There are more smartphone shops than bookstores in our neighborhoods, and everything we could possibly need to entertain ourselves is available in the palm of our hands. What happens when our society loses the quiet contemplation achieved while reading an engaging book? I don’t want to know. I wouldn’t be surprised if that type of quiet contemplation (unless you’re one of those people who read out loud) is therapeutic for both your body and your psyche.

Try focusing on reading a book on your iPad when you can easily flick to Bejeweled and spend hours trying to top that scoreboard. Do you know what that kind of virtual stress does to your body? Printed books don’t share that trait. When reading a book, you are transcended to a place only occupied by your thoughts and the printed matter—no electronic distractions. And despite the fact that you’re reading a magazine right now, I am not ashamed to say that while reading a book, you’re not forced to pause to see an advert for


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Throwback Issue - Released May 2012
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