Community: South Park, SF
by Chelsea Larsson

Known to the knowledgeable as San Francisco’s “urban oasis,” South Park has a long history here that has remained a secret. In fact, you’ve probably walked right by without noticing its tree-lined streets and charming cafes. That’s because the tiny neighborhood, between Bryant, Brannan, 1st, and 2nd was designed for the exact purpose of being a respite from the city. Where the city is loud, foggy and busy, South Park is quiet, sunny and peaceful. No buses drive through the streets. No loud bars spill out onto the sidewalks. With brick buildings and composed charm, South Park feels like a place of another time. Today, this transportive quality is still the reason that San Franciscans love South Park.

Designed in the 1850s as a neighborhood for the affluent, South Park was a little Europe in a big American city. Think Pac Heights-goes-to-London, with stately Victorians, large trees and cafes characterizing the neighborhood, which also boasted some of the first paved streets and sidewalks in San Francisco. The greatest amenity though must have been South Park’s namesake, a formal 550 ft. oval park around which the entire community is centered.

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