Mark Dwight

A minute spent with Mark Dwight could change your life. You might decide to become a self-empowered entrepreneur following your life-long passions or consider becoming an avid biker supporting amazing causes.

That statement may seem over the top, I’ll admit it. But having known Mark for a couple years, with every single time we sit to talk I leave with an improved self-worth—more daring to make a difference in my life and those around me. Sure, not everyone wants to pursue self-employment or share his love for bicycles, but Mark’s ideals in business provide a lot of inspiration; even when it comes to daily life.

Dwight is a Stanford graduate with a degree in mechanical engineering. Son of early Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, grown from the perseverance of his parents’ entrepreneurial spirit—he tirelessly sees opportunities that ignite his own passions.

“Following your passion may be trite, but it’s very true. People follow their pocketbook, people follow their parents, but if you follow your passions it sorts out a lot of things for you,” says Dwight. His vision for keeping manufacturing local has inspired many new entrepreneurs in the Bay Area, all busy trying to find ways to locally source, assemble and sell products with an SF MADE stamp, championed by SF MADE.ORG (a foundation Dwight helped start).

Cycling, a passion of Dwight’s, inspired him to get into messenger bag production. It started with a position at Timbuktu a few years ago and led him to his own growing venture, Rickshaw Bags. Now his bags are seen on the backs of Bay Area citizens whether on bike, sidewalk or train.

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