Kelly Malone was the girl in middle school with the tricked out bedazzled backpack and the outfits you tried to copy the next day—or at least that’s what I like to imagine her as. In reality it doesn’t matter what she was in her tweens because today she’s the crowned crafting queen of SF—and your (our loyal readers) vote for interesting and inspiring San Franciscan. Also, for the official record, she was really cool in middle school—charging mad dough at lunch in the cafeteria for homemade hair wraps and guitar straps.

For all those who start crafts with the best intentions—and yet inevitably end up with a half finished unidentifiable object, a kitchen table forever sticky with glue and blurred vision from one too many “creative juices”. rest assured, Kelly Malone has made the process almost full proof. She provides a clean space, supplies, chaperones to ensure your project gets at least started, and a full fridge of PBRs. The classes offered range from terrarium making to rock and roll sewing each with a specialized instructor. Her dedication to the do-it-yourself movement has enabled her to perfect the crafting experience; Workshop SF is the baby born from her life’s work, so to speak.

Workshop SF was originally birthed from the idea of bringing together her parents’ creative spaces. Her mama sewed and her papa built shizz, but one was in the spare room, and the other in the garage. Kelly’s goal was to make DIYing accessible and also bring the genders, and just people, together. She admits that females mostly dominate the crafting space, but the classes offered at workshop are fella friendly as well. Mostly it’s the idea of being creative together—why not cheers over a newly screened tee than over a bar?

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