“The name came from a conversation between me and Karl Blau (who I admired but didn’t really know at the time) after a BrightBlack Morning Light show, “ says Woletz. “I missed his set, so figured I’d say hi after and get a CD to make up for it. We were at the Great American Music Hall and were talking about the vibe of BBML’s set. There was a feeling and a movement that came from the music in such a grand space. From what I recall, he called it the kelp dance, and I suggested it was a seaweed sway. We imitated it. He has a project called KLAPS (Kelp Lunacy Advanced Plagiarism Society) so the kelp reference made sense. The name and term and magical moment stuck with me, so as I was going to name my blog, where I decided to start posting these weekly event listings, I thought, why not name it Seaweed Sway? I didn’t exactly know what the project was at the time; this was just a name to put down on the blog. All I knew was that I couldn’t help but share these music, yoga, dance, and farming events. It’s now evolved into booking and promoting shows on a regular basis over the past few years, as well as teaching yoga. It always has been community-oriented, and it’s important to me to keep that element no matter what. The name basically has and will continue to encompass whatever projects I’m working on; the umbrella of “Seaweed Sway” captures the essence of my intentions.” The take-away here is community building. So many San Franciscans are passionate about what they do and about their interests. There are the special few who bring all of us together under one roof, so we make our neighbors our friends, and turn our friendships into a community.

“Community is love for each other,” says Woletz. “It’s support for each other and all of our projects, as well as our human need for friendship. I want to bring people together because I believe in community’s healing power. It’s been beautiful seeing it happen, seeing the transformation, and to think back to just a few years ago. Community is where we play and work together and thus thrive. I’m into that.”

Check out to learn more about Jessie and her projects - from yoga to local bands performance dates.

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