Jessie Woletz

Oftentimes we learn of underground communities when they become part of the establishment. We overlook that they’ve been thriving without the help of mainstream media and press for a long time. The community of musicians that are within the scope of Seaweed Sway, the promotional and booking moniker of the ever ebullient Jessie Woletz, are a deeply connected and immovable force of Bay Area music. Woletz is in no small part responsible for making their presence known. To the local independent music scene of San Francisco, she is our Gertrude Stein.

Many of you reading this article have jobs you would say don’t define you. Many of you slave away to make things just to make them, whether it be music or art or a new paint job on your bike. To do what you love precisely because you love it and not as an adjunct to future profit is a quintessential San Franciscan trait, and Jessie’s unyielding support of local music, sustainable food, and yoga is a perfect specimen of this spirit. The success of Seaweed Sway in bringing the music community together lies in her exuberance. “It’s happening here,” she says, “In a beautiful way. Hard work, heart and crazy creativity are strong here.”

Born in San Diego but growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, she long desired to return to California. After visiting San Francisco while attending UC Santa Cruz, she discovered that the city possessed everything she wanted in a place to live, and would support her three main interests: Music, yoga, and raw vegan, sustainable food. Seaweed Sway began as an email list Jessie sent out to friends about upcoming shows, yoga classes, farm workdays, and other points of interest for her. It has since blossomed into an established and trusted grass roots resource of local music and healthy living.

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