Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain

The most rewarding part of an interview is asking a question that is genuinely thought-provoking. It’s asking something so provocative that the artist pauses, contemplates the question and perhaps even stutters before giving their answer. With Jeremy Rourke, this question was a simple one:

“Why do you do art?” After the pause, the contemplation and a ‘huh’, I was greeted with quite an unexpected response. “That’s a great question. I don’t know, why do you?” It wasn’t until after another 30 minutes more of discussion that he attempted to fully answer the question. The simple answer to such a simple question? “It feels natural.”

An East Coast transplant that has been calling San Francisco home for 10 years, Rourke is a musician and visual artist that has been making splashes in San Francisco’s underground music and art scenes for quite some time. His latest venture has been the production of stop-motion animation films to accompany his original music pieces. The films, which are set to Rourke’s folky acoustic ballads, showcase cutouts of animals, people, household objects and even machinery interacting amongst photographs and drawings of various cityscapes and scenery.

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