FOOD: Candy Store
by Dawn Hunt

Stepping into The Candy Store, located in trendy Russian Hill, is like entering a world where Willy Wonka, Dylan Lauren, and Buddy the Elf, would feel right at home. However, what sets this candy store apart from others is not only the beautifully styled décor of creamy, milky white walls lined with dark wood shelves brimming with Anchor Heritage Hill and Penny Candy jars filled with bejeweled confections, the worn hardwood floor, and vintage 1940s French display case, but its seamless mixing of both modern and vintage.

The Candy Store owners, Diane and Brian Campbell, (who moved to San Francisco 15 years ago from New York City,) didn’t decide to open the shop until eight years ago, but didn’t officially open the store’s doors until April of 2007. They have successfully been supplying sugar addicts ever since. When the couple decided to begin their business, they wanted to not only feature a variety of currently unique chocolates and candies from around the world, but also some nostalgic confections thought lost in time and obscurity, such as Big League Chew, Abba-Zabba, Mallo Cups, Necco Wafers, etc. “I’ve wanted a store for as long as I can remember.

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