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Read Text Only: Made in SF - Taylor Stitch


If you've ever been to Thailand, you know what we've been missing here in the States. You may have even endured an 8,000 mile flight with toddlers kicking the back of your cramped seat, bad airline food, and cranky flight attendants; all in the name of finding a reasonably priced, impeccably crafted, made-to-measure men's shirt. Little did we know there was a fashionable nugget of hope cooking up in our backyards at the intersection of Taylor and Clay. The founders of Taylor Stitch, Mike Maher, Barrett Purdum and Mike Armenta, planted their first entrepreneurial seeds at their former Nob Hill residence. Inspired by Purdum's father who would bring back beautifully patterned shirts from his business trips, they quickly realized their niche and built a successful company based on exceptional client service and a talent for strategic sewing. "We thought things were a bit pretentious. We just want to give friendly service and create relationships with each one of our customers while delivering amazing products made in the USA." The three-man squad has designed an easy to navigate website for your shopping pleasure. If virtually gorging isn't your bag, they'll personally show up at your doorstep (SF locals only); measuring, plotting, tucking, and picking will successfully ensue in the comfort of your home. Once the finishing requests have diligently been noted, it's sent away for completion. "Each piece is thought out to function simplistically while still keeping great form. We are just normal guys trying to keep things simple and educational." The concept may be a simple one, but with over 150 swatches to sift through, one thing is for sure; the finished product will be exactly what your heart desires. The future is bright for these talented craftsmen. They've recently opened their first ever store, The Common, at 1077 Mission Street. Their website describes it as "a dynamic retail experience centered around fine craftsmanship and an educated aesthetic, perhaps traditional in tendency, contemporary in conduct." If that wasn't enough, they're also working behind the scenes to create some select women's wear. Their most notable project in progress: the ladies shirt dress, of course. While planning trips to far off destinations is great for family vacations, San Franciscans no longer have to desperately burn through their hard earned time off in the name of fashion. Look no further than Taylor Stitch for your custom-made shirts. Not only will you be the best dressed on the block, but you'll be jet lag-free. It's a win-stitch situation.
I think our whole ethos of design, color and delivering something that is functional and beautiful. Each piece of our shirt is thought out to function simplistically while still keeping great form. Also, people are able to relate to us very easily because at the end of the day we are just normal guys trying to keep things very simple and educational. We are teaching people what it means to buy goods produced in America