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Read Text Only: MADE IN SF - Rue St. Jacques


Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz once said, "there's no place like home." That celebrated quote feels particularly close to the heart while dining at Rue Saint Jacques in Nob Hill. A true neighborhood gem without the sparkle of say, Jardiniere or Fleur de Lys, it flawlessly proves that you don't need to be a fancy-pants in order to maintain an ample level of charm.

In the case of this inviting and romantic French restaurant tucked away on the corner of Jackson and Taylor, its charm lies effortlessly within the confines of simplicity. Everything from the quaint series of solitary chair paintings and dimly lit room by candlelight, to the linen table clothes with protective paper toppers and cozy corner booths, convey quite clearly to customers, "Mi casa es su casa."

Its comfortably subtle ambiance isn't the restaurant's only claim to fame. Chef Eric Lanvert's earthy and fresh farm cuisine doesn't hide behind any elaborate guises. His food is thoughtful and delicious in the "what you see is what you get" kind of way, not masked by elaborate accoutrements and heavily flavored sauces.
With so many delightful menu choices to sift through, customers will find it hard for their gaze to land on a single item. The wild baby arugula salad with heirloom tomatoes and goat cheese croutons or butternut squash soup with a crème fraiche floater is the perfect way to tease your pallet before the main act. Don't forget a healthy pour of one of their selected wines to entice and enhance your culinary experience.

The maple leaf duck breast is a crowd favorite, and anyone lucky enough to indulge will easily see why. Seared to perfection with a tender and natural-tasting finish, what can often be served greasy is instead healthy and fresh while still upholding the utmost satisfaction. Its spaghetti squash side garnished with pomegranate seeds is a perfectly balanced match. Other entrées such as: sautéed day boat scallops, roasted filet of swordfish and Harris Ranch filet mignon, are just a few others to anxiously anticipate.

There's nothing quite like eating in the comfort of your own home but for the days when your pots, pans and skillets aren't calling your name, a San Francisco classic like Rue Saint Jacques may be as close to your own dining room table as you can get; rest assured that Dorothy would never click her heels with the wrong destination in mind.

1098 Jackson St
San Francisco, CA