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Read Text Only: MADE IN SF - Loco for local


There are hundreds of local businesses that still make products in San Francisco. Enough to make one loco! The best part about it is you'll never experience a shortage of the original, small batch, or truly unusual products this city proudly crafts.

In a town swimming with startups, successful corporate brands, and homemade goods, the dream of small business remains alive and well. We wish we could list them all to support the mass of those who are effectively localizing our city, but we'd have to print a directory!

Here are a few amazing companies and entrepreneurs who still design, manufacture, and sell the products that embody the industrious ideals of San Francisco.

Taylor's Tonic
Taylor's Tonic bottles all natural, organic sodas with fresh, crisp flavors. Dubbed an "empowered botanical soda," Taylor's Tonic makes the perfect picnic companion as well as a creative mixer for inspired cocktails.

Blue Angel Vodka
Blue Angel is an ultra premium vodka started by Maurice Kanbar, and is acknowledged in many circles as the father of modern-day vodka distillation. Its superior quality is the result of skillful craftsmanship, using American grains and proprietary distillation techniques. With the first sip, one would agree that Blue Angel has set a new standard in luxury vodka.

Hand crafted individually in San Francisco, the DODOcase keeps the art of book binding alive by adapting the art developed hundreds of years ago, and modernizing it for e-readers and iPads.

479 Popcorn
479 Popcorn creates their distinctive popcorn flavors by sourcing the finest organic ingredients from around the globe. They grind spices by hand every week, and blend each flavor combination in small batches for a taste experience that is unmatched.

TCHO (pronounced "cho") is San Francisco's very own chocolate factory. They source the finest cacao beans directly from the farmers, and oversee every step of the chocolate making process with a mission for a better tomorrow. TCHO brings "new thinking to an ancient food" by focusing on the natural flavors of cacao, and what you taste is exactly what is in the bean itself. TCHO is made with passion and wrapped in the most beautiful modern packaging in chocolate treats today.