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Read Text Only: Made in SF - No. BetaBrand


San Francisco loves pants. No one can argue that. The king of Jeans started here, and Khakis too! It is to no surprise that San Franciscan's have an affinity for these comfy staples.
Betabrand (formerly Cordarounds) stays true to the same philosophy as the giants of the pant industry: making durable, comfortable clothing. But the people at Betabrand don't sell your typical pair of pants. They design, sew, and house their products all here in San Francisco's Mission district. They make corduroys that go horizontal with the cords (it sounds crazy, but are really form-fitting and as the designer Jared Graf said, "It's faster and makes less noise"). But the thing that really sets them apart is the fact that these pants are only available online. You can't buy Betabrand products at any shop, anywhere.
One would think limiting to an online only brand of clothing would stunt the growth of a company, especially when it deals with fashion. Wrong! They make inspired products that sell to a specific market; the kind of products that spread like a viral youtube video. Take for example, Betabrand's flashy Disco Pants (popular any time it's party time), and the USA Pants, bearing our flag so proudly (so proud in fact, Steven Colbert has been spotted wearing a pair at a rally in DC). The line also includes classic raw jeans and reversible jackets with ornate stitching and several other creative products with a well thought out design, form, and function.
It also helps to have talented marketing geniuses who understand today's buyers. One of Betabrands campaigns currently bear the mark of the seven deadly sins, with every product being represented by one sin, like the Gluttony Pants, with extra buttons for extra expansion after devouring a feast fit for a king.
With their products selling like hotcakes, this five-year-old, made in San Francisco business of think tanks and marketing gurus will definitely have a place in the world of clothing, and hopefully a spot to hang apparel in your closets for many years.
You may not be able to go to a store and check out the clothing, but you can buy it online; and if you live in San Francisco, they do customer pickups!