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Tyler Bradford, recent East Coast transplant and Furniture Design graduate at the Academy of Art in San Francisco is making waves on a local level with his conceptual designs popping up in various locations around the city. Throughout his studies in industrial design, he became increasingly interested in the idea of using reclaimed materials to create harmonious works that were original and unexpected.

When developing a design for a restaurant, he evaluates the overall experience of dinning. “In my work, I like to explore themes of interactivity, things that change color with heat and touch, or a table that reacts to the intensity of a conversation.” With this theory in mind, Tyler executes his most recent projects, including furnishings for the restaurant Skool in San Francisco, a conceptual piece for Salon Miel on Grant Avenue, along with an impressive prototype for an interactive LED lighting installation that will soon appear locally.

As for future endeavors, he aspires to continue his work in furniture design and lighting for eclectic bars, restaurants, and nightclubs; exploring alternative, unconventional concepts, and celebrating themes of how people come together.