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From his conversation sparking, large-scale “Knot Lights” recently installed in the Mission District’s popular Four Barrel Coffee, his visually impressive and purposeful “Fench”—a bench built with the sole intention of bringing a community together—to his remarkable knack for solving everyday problems with an ardent emphasis on sustainability, institute one of the most impressive emerging product designers in the city of San Francisco, Seth Quest.

“I started doing large metal sculpture when I was 17, and I was hooked.” Seth reflects on his appreciation for design being instilled at a young age, as his work has since come into its own, capitalizing on emotion, experience, and reduction. His designs are the product of clean, engaging lines, a minimalistic presence, and ecologically thoughtful materials with a purpose.

In light of his constantly evolving work, he eventually plans to propose and execute social design initiatives dealing with the reformation of municipal transportation and lack of free public space. You can also look for his latest creation, “Imersion,” due to debut in various galleries throughout the city.