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Sarah Hobstetter comes from a long line of talent; “My dad, two of my uncles, and my cousin are all architects. Strangely enough, it still took me awhile to figure out that it was my calling too.” After living in Providence, London, Glasgow, and Los Angeles, her loyalties remained with the city in which she was born; finally returning to San Francisco in 2005 to participate in her studies of Architecture at the California College of the Arts.

Sarah has since been organizing numerous design projects that are receiving heaps of local buz. She is the pioneer and cofounder of Grayscale Design, a local design collaborative comprised of three talented, young female designers, including Elizabeth Jackson and Jessica Stuenkel; whom together developed the innovative and imaginative new interior for the popular Mission Bicycle Company last year.

Sarah’s inspirations remain with her artistic sensibility. “My interest in architecture emerged from my interest in drawing and painting. Painting for me is about imagining environments, where architecture is about questioning how these spaces should function.” Sarah is currently working with local architect Leonardo Zylberberg in San Francisco, and has future aspirations to collaborate with her father, David Hobstetter, on coming design projects.