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After relocating to the states from South Korea at the modest age of twelve, and calendars of globetrotting in search of inspiration for design, Rick Lee is now an 18-year San Francisco votary, and long-standing leading Industrial Designer; masterminding projects all over the world, and now proudly exhibiting his most recent works at the Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art.

“My work can be whimsical but sophisticated, poetic, and inviting,” he accurately reveals in an interpretation of his creations. After being an active designer for the last 20 years, Rick has derived inspiration from a range of catalysts, from everyday objects he experiences, to the one he has worked and lived so close with for the past 18 years, his wife the couturier, Colleen Quen. Rick's many inspirations have since prompted his latest ambitions to conceive more sustainable projects, such as eco hotel designs, a sustainable sailboat, and environmentally intelligent furnishings. In addition to his latest ventures, he further desires to create conceptually experimental designs that will aid his continual journey of dreaming and revolutionizing in the city of San Francisco and across the globe.