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Being a Bay Area girl by roots and a recent graduate from the California College of the Arts, it may be safe to state that Jessica Gibson is quite familiar with San Francisco. So familiar in fact, that her objective as one of the city's most talented up-and-coming architectural designers is to propose and convey urban plans through her designs, while she strives to solve flaws within the architectural structure of the city; attempting to fill the gaps where simple but intelligently thought out renovations could dramatically improve the way a municipal environment interacts with the public.

Jessica’s affinity for architecture blossomed upon her time spent in Europe. “I was working in Edinburgh for a few months and the daily experience of small cultural differences made me aware of the environment and mundane objects around me. I realized that everything created is the product of decisions that affect its use and our life.”

Jessica describes her work as time consuming, shadow obsessed, and piecemeal, and is inspired by thought-provoking, urban landscapes. She is currently enjoying her time working with motion graphics at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and would ultimately like to participate in a creative industry, communicating her innovative ideas visually.