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Hayes Valley is a haven of style, design, and art that is loved by San Franciscans. Edwardians and Victorians adorn its streets surrounded by adorable small boutiques selling anything from couture to baby clothes. A number of interior décor showrooms thrive in the district creating a designer shopping paradise that embodies the style and aesthetic of San Francisco.

Residents in Hayes love their neighborhood, as evident from our street interviews with those who visit and those who call it home. Unlike most neighborhoods in the city, Hayes Valley has kept its community feel even as rental rates have increased. A number of old shops are still in the neighborhood, welcoming new neighbors as the area has remained one of the most attractive districts to live in San Francisco.

An exciting addition is in the works for this lively neighborhood, with plans to build a pop-up village, housing fabulous garden restaurants, bookstores, and cafes, while also providing a vibrant focal point for commerce and community in an otherwise empty lot.

It’s amazing how fast neighborhoods change in San Francisco, and for that we appreciate Hayes Valley—a little slice of heaven in the city by the clouds.