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Spectacular Spectacles


Gents, it’s time to put away your contact lenses and wear the glasses that make you look like the man you’ve always wanted to be… sophisticated, stylish, and most of all, manly. Gone are the days when you had to choose skinny unisex Italian eyewear as the renaissance of bold styling and jaw shaping frames.

As men, we don’t have a lot to accessorize and hats can only do so much. Unless you’re into piercing your face, the revival of vintage style eyewear may just be the thing you need.

Up-and-coming eyewear designers are now embracing the nostalgic styles of the 50’s and 60’s, drawing inspiration from the era while bringing back the sophistication and craftsmanship known of the times. It’s good news to those whvvo rummage through countless estate sales looking for scratched up classic frames to capture that vintage look.

Of course not everyone can pull off a pair of modern vintage glasses, so with the help of our friends at Veo Optics we selected a range of vintage inspired eyewear to perfectly suit your face, and set you apart from the rest of the guys.

1 Dita Statesmen
Hand crafted in Japan, these glasses sport a bold look with refined details at every angle. It features diamond pattern titanium and is available in black zyl acetate, gun metal, tortoise, or even buffalo horn. Perfect for those with strong brow lines and strong defined jaws.

2 Jean Lempereur Creation 438
This style doesn’t work for everyone, but if you have an oblong face and an untamed hairstyle, it can be fitting. John Lennon rocked it, why can’t you? This frame wraps securely around your temple instead of sitting on your ear.

3 Hackett HEBO45
If you’re the conservative type and aren’t looking for eyewear that causes a scene or stops traffic, go for Hackett’s modern vintage eyewear. This Swiss made pair is probably the most versatile of all, fitting almost any face shape. Just remember, when selecting eyeglasses, they need to frame your eyes, not overpower them.

4 Sutro Optimist
Sutro is a San Francisco based eyewear company that specializes in vintage modern designs, and have a 3 click hinge designed for form and function. Sutro Optimist eyewear is perfect for those who love a little splash of color. It comes with different color tints to give your eyes an added glow. Not recommended for people with small heads.

5 Paul Smith Berling
Although these are sunglasses, we wanted to add them to the list because they’re a stylish alternative to overplayed ray bans. They have amazing detail, great shape, and go well with that modern vintage look. You can also get your prescription lenses with the same tint.

6 Zero G Irvington
These handcrafted eyeglasses are so light you may forget you’re wearing them. Lighter than 2 dimes, these precision cut titanium frames are strong and attractive, giving a modern twist to a classic design. We suggest this style for those who want a lasting pair that withstand aging and wear, and remain fashionable for years to come.