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Read Text Only: Pride Issue
Community: Castro District


What can be said about a neighborhood so crucial to society that hasn’t been said before? A place so influential that everyone seems to take notice when the Castro makes headlines. There isn’t much more you can say that hasn’t been said before, but we will express admiration and gratitude to the district that pioneered equality, and helped spread the voice of equal opportunity to the rest of the country. 
No one can deny that the Castro is the world’s most recognized Gay District. Having transformed from a working class Irish neighborhood in the late 60’s to the epitome of LGBT activism and events ever since, the Castro is the home and core of American LGBT history.
Today, the district is as normal as any other neighborhood in the city. Cheer and camaraderie can be spotted all around you, while tourists flock from opposite ends of the world to walk the same streets historical men and women once populated.

You’ll be hard-pressed not to notice the district’s array of gay oriented businesses (a significant part of the local’s everyday lives), as well as the beautiful homes and historical buildings consistent with the area, not to mention its reputation for occupying one of the city’s most progressive nightlife scenes. The Castro Theater is the district’s gem, bearing its name in an iconic marquis in the heart of the neighborhood. Surrounded by boutiques, bars and restaurants, the strip is an entertainment destination guaranteeing fun to be had no matter where you stop.
In recent years, more and more straight couples are migrating to the area, enjoying the relaxed neighborhood that hosts many fantastic street festivities that anyone can enjoy. The Castro is a testament to the community’s historic plight, and the future of equality that we hope will someday be as common as it is in the district San Franciscans will always hold dear to their hearts.