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The Outer Sunset is home to many restaurants offering a warm escape from the often-foggy beach on the Great Highway, but Outerlands is unlike like any other, as their diverse menu offers a variety of delicious, freshly farmed seasonable organic produce and meat.

Prior to the restaurant’s opening, owners David Muller & Lana Porcello would often serve food from their home to friends enjoying a day surfing at Ocean Beach. After many nudges from their closest friends, they finally ventured on to open Outerlands. With a menu that varies by the season and ingredients that are farm fresh from nearby vendors, the restaurant has now become an Outer Sunset favorite that attracts beach goers and food enthusiasts alike.

The restaurant’s interior is as charming as the food prepared, with small wood tables and matching handcrafted chairs—the kitchen visible from any table—and walls covered with reclaimed wood all add to it’s character and set the tone for a relaxing dining experience.

On my visit, I sampled David’s freshly baked levain toast. It was hearty with the perfect amount of crunch, and served with a garlic and herb olive oil that was simply delicious. With my newly discovered affection for beets, I had to get a taste of their Beet Salad with oranges, hazelnuts, and goat cheese with a citrus vinaigrette. With the first bite, I was instantly hooked. The beets were flavorful, and were perfectly complimented by the citrus and goat cheese.

David suggested I then try his creation: the lemon and ginger apple cider with fresh organic lemon juice, blended ginger root and hot apple cider, which was frothy and delightful. This was then paired with a plate of wilted mustard greens and roasted cauliflower with walnut gremolata, which provided an amazing texture and flavor.

The small dinner menu also offers other entrées that each sounded as delectable as the first. The blue cheese soufflé with apples, fennel, and bacon; the split pea soup with ham hock, the crème fraiche and toast, and the braised lamb served with black-eyed peas and beet greens are just a few mouth-watering options to be mentioned.

Next time you find yourself near Ocean Beach, or just feel like trying a new restaurant in town, come experience Outerlands in San Francisco.

4001 Judah St
San Francisco, CA 94122